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Simian 360°/VR Video Support

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Features & Benefits Snapshot:

Seamless 360°/VR Video Collaboration

  • Upload and share 360°/VR video with teams and clients.
  • Comment and annotate directly on video.
  • Pinpoint feedback by coordinates within a 360° frame.
  • Receive instant client comment notifications.

Create Killer 360°/VR Video Presentations

  • Pitch 360°/VR work impressively.
  • Company and client branded presentations.
  • Receive instant view notifications.
  • Track client engagement in Real Time for targeted follow-up.

Comprehensive 360°/VR Video Support

  • Play natively on all desktop browsers and Android mobile.
  • No software download required to view.
  • Real Time video encoding ensures perfect playback.
  • Embed video into your website.

Present On-the-Go with Simian Now!

  • View 360º/VR Simian Presentations on any iOS device.
  • Optional stereoscopic viewing via head mounted displays.
  • Download video for presenting offline.

What our clients are saying...


 "There are very few good examples for VR companies who need quality private media sharing services, and Simian meets a huge need for us to share with our agency and brand relationships."

Casey Sapp. Founder, CEO of VRTÜL.

th-ovrture.png"In the rapidly evolving Virtual Reality media space there are fundamental problems producing fully-immersive VR. Simian’s new support for mono and stereoscopic 360° media changes everything."

Randy Donaldson. Head of Business Development at Ovrture.

mib-thumb2.png"VR  allows the viewer to experience a new world that is only limited by the contents or narrative of the subject. The fact that Simian has taken the initiative to embrace this new technology is unparalleled to their competition."

Mary Ida Bonadio. Film Agent + Sales Rep.